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Philosoft and Philosoft Mobile Ltd: How one led to the other

The origins of Philosoft Mobile Ltd.

Philosoft Mobile Ltd. is an offshoot of Philosoft, a company founded by Shmuel Naamin in 1996.

As CEO and chief programmer Naaman oversaw Philosoft’s projects which were developed for commercial use and internal use for various clients including Israel’s military.

Some of the products dealt with image interpretation, image editing, and data mining.

Due to Philosoft’s success Naaman decided to expand his private interests and established Philosoft Mobile Ltd.

As an experienced programmer he hoped to develop better accessibility for the blind and visually impaired and turned his focus towards developing the Accessible Suite.

The Accessible Suite includes apps for helping the blind and visually impaired have an easier time using regular mass produced touch devices instead of paying high costs for specialty items.

Naaman believes providing the blind and visually impaired with  easier access to the basic iPhone or Android will enhance their lives greatly.


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