Accessible OCR with ABBYY Fine Reader

Philosoft Mobile is starting the development of what would be the key application in the Accessible Suit – The Accessible OCR.

The Accessible OCR would bring high quality OCR to its users, allowing the user connectivity with the PC, or directly to the phone’s Text to Speech engine.

Guidance on positioning of the text will be implemented as well.

In our tests, the ABBYY Fine Reader cloud OCR brings the best results both in terms of recognizing the texts areas and in terms of accuracy and prediction of the test being scanned.

Philosoft Mobile will make use of ABBYY Fine Reader Cloud services and thus promises the best OCR experience available.

We expect the product to be ready for use around September 2016.

Call for Beta testers will be made separately.

The product would be available both for Android and IOS operating systems.

For more information on the cloud services of ABBYY, check out :


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