Welcome to Philosoft Mobile Ltd.

Philosoft Mobile Ltd develops software for mobile touch devices specifically catering to the blind and visually impaired.

We are one of the only companies that enables the blind and visually impaired to access all points on a phone (Android or IOS) and reap the technological benefits others without disabilities do everyday.


We succeed because of three guiding principles:

Integrative Solutions

Many companies alter devices and minimize functions to help the blind and visually impaired avoid mistakes. Instead of developing new devices or altering them Philosoft Mobile integrates its solutions in mass produced devices creating customizations for overall easier navigating.


Everday Accessibility

In addition to the integrative solutions Philosoft Mobile Ltd specializes in making everyday tasks on touch technology easier and more accessible for the blind and visually impaired. Examples include a voice activating dialer and an SMS application which gets it right and is not just a device’s ‘best shot.’


Product Affordability

Occasionally specialty devices are necessary for people with disabilities but they usually come with a high cost making them unavailable to the general population. By integrating solutions and enabling accessibility through utilizing devices in mass production Philosoft Mobile Ltd helps keep prices down so the company’s products are affordable to anyone in need.


Philosoft Mobile Ltd founders:


Shmuel Naaman, Co-Founder

Smulel Naaman

Shmuel Naaman is the CEO of Philosoft Mobile Ltd. In 1996 he founded Philosoft acting as its CEO, chief programmer, and overseeing projects for major Israeli companies. After losing his vision ten years ago he understood how touch technology can be an incredible bridge for the blind and visually impaired and founded Philosoft Mobile Ltd.

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Itzhak Gerber, Co-Founder

Itzhak Gerber

Itzhak is a professional software engineer who managed projects in the areas of RFID, Biometric identification and internet. The four programming books he wrote are well known in Israel. In the last years he concentrated on developing Apps for mobile.

In 2013 he founded together with Shmuel Naaman the company, and manages the development in the company.





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