Accessible OCR with ABBYY Fine Reader

Philosoft Mobile is starting the development of what would be the key application in the Accessible Suit – The Accessible OCR.

The Accessible OCR would bring high quality OCR to its users, allowing the user connectivity with the PC, or directly to the phone’s Text to Speech engine.

Guidance on positioning of the text will be implemented as well.

In our tests, the ABBYY Fine Reader cloud OCR brings the best results both in terms of recognizing the texts areas and in terms of accuracy and prediction of the test being scanned.

Philosoft Mobile will make use of ABBYY Fine Reader Cloud services and thus promises the best OCR experience available.

We expect the product to be ready for use around September 2016.

Call for Beta testers will be made separately.

The product would be available both for Android and IOS operating systems.

For more information on the cloud services of ABBYY, check out :

Philosoft Mobile Ltd Presenting in Berlin

Naaman & Gerber to attend

Philosoft Mobile Ltd’s Shmuel Naaman and Itzhak Gerber will be attending the November Apple Accessibility Summit in Berlin.

The conference includes sessions on low vision and other disabilities.

Naaman and Gerber will be presenting the company’s products and speaking about projects in it’s R&D labs.

Shmuel Naaman will also be going as a representative of Israel’s Center for the Blind and it’s technology committee.

Outside of the conference Naaman and Gerber will meet with a number of German companies and organizations as well who are interested in Philosoft Mobile Ltd’s products and innovation.


Philosoft Mobile Ltd Awarded Grant!

Funding for Accessible Suite arrives

After a six month waiting period Philosoft Mobile Ltd is happy to announce it received a grant from the Israeli government’s Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) within the Ministry of Economy.

It was a milestone for the company as only a few are given out each year.

Ninety percent of the OCS grants are distributed for innovative projects to entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes and a percentage goes to the fields of special needs, in this case aiding the blind and visually impaired.

Spread out over a two year period the assistance is specifically geared towards helping develop the entire Accessible Suite.

For more information about the Accessible Suite see our products page.


Philosoft and Philosoft Mobile Ltd: How one led to the other

The origins of Philosoft Mobile Ltd.

Philosoft Mobile Ltd. is an offshoot of Philosoft, a company founded by Shmuel Naamin in 1996.

As CEO and chief programmer Naaman oversaw Philosoft’s projects which were developed for commercial use and internal use for various clients including Israel’s military.

Some of the products dealt with image interpretation, image editing, and data mining.

Due to Philosoft’s success Naaman decided to expand his private interests and established Philosoft Mobile Ltd.

As an experienced programmer he hoped to develop better accessibility for the blind and visually impaired and turned his focus towards developing the Accessible Suite.

The Accessible Suite includes apps for helping the blind and visually impaired have an easier time using regular mass produced touch devices instead of paying high costs for specialty items.

Naaman believes providing the blind and visually impaired with  easier access to the basic iPhone or Android will enhance their lives greatly.