Class camera for people with visual impairments

The camera developed by us is a dedicated camera for students with visual impairments as a technological auxiliary in the classroom . The purpose of the camera is the ability to display on the computers of students with visual impairments the board and the textbooks in magnification, adapted and accessible and convenient . The camera is worn on the computer , photographs the clipboard or the book , broadcasts live video throughout the lesson , and sets pictures at the end .

The main advantages of our camera :

  • High-resolution camera , and special optical capabilities .
  • A special software that performs digital image processing
  • Small device , minimum size for maximum comfort
  • Innovative design , pleasant and modern .

So to whom it is intended ?

  • The camera is now sold to students with visual impairment are suitable for first-last  grade in Israel, funded by the Ministry of Education .
  • We are in the process of expanding and launching in the international market and we will be glad to hear from you if you can help .

Short description about us and the way of development

Philsoft Mobile is owned and managed by Shmuel Naaman , a technological entrepreneur and a computer programmer with complete blindness . The company works to provide technologies for people with visual impairments and blindness, such as smartphones and accessibility applications , reading software , digital books, etc. .

We began developing the camera following a vigorous request from the Ministry of Education’s technological representatives to create a necessary product . Since there is no product that meets the needs . From this, after meetings with the teachers on the ground , studying the research and understanding the tools required to create the software in full accordance with these students we opened the ultimate class camera .

One of the important points in developing the camera was the emphasis on the student’s comfort , which would feel nice to brought to class . Light weight and clothing on the laptop in the classroom . Along with the innovative design ensure enthusiastic use . All this along with strong hardware and a professional lens for photography and processing is adapted and accessible .

Quotations of students on existing cameras in the market :

“Nightmare! I put in the teacher’s locker, but not really used it. If I was getting something really small so I would use it but this year I did not bring the camera and it stayed at home.”

( Hagit , a student with visual impairments )

“It’s hard to get along with it ( with the technological assessment ) and I’d rather not use it .” ( Ronnie )

“I was not at all (with the technical evaluation) I was terribly ashamed. And that’s what puzzles me and I did not.” ( Container )

Specifications :

Resolution : 13 MP , Video : FULL HD (1080p)

Total weight: 57 g, dimensions: 50 * 48 * 47 m ‘from.

Connection :  USB 3 (The fastest data transfer connection ).

Lighting : Sensitive and powerful LEDs for severe lighting

Extras : Adjusts light to prevent lightning from shooting .

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