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Philosoft Mobile Ltd. is continuously working on new projects enabling easier usage of touch devices for the blind and visually impaired. We develop our products based on hundreds of customer experiences and important feedback.


Apps currently under development include:

Accessible Voice Keyboard

The Accessible Voice Keyboard will revolutionize voice input turning a device’s ‘best shot’ into a utility which actually works. Highlights include correct functionality for actions such as punctuation, going backward or forward a word, and more.


Accessible Email

Email is still one of the most important forms of communication today. Accessible Email will implement most of the features of a regular email client with improvements for the blind and visually impaired in reading and composing emails either by voice or through gestures.


Accessible Large Keyboard

Specifically for the visually impaired, Accessible Large Keyboard will enlarge the keyboard capturing most of the screen and function like the traditional T9 keypad.