Class camera for people with visual impairments

The camera developed by us is a dedicated camera for students with visual impairments as a technological auxiliary in the classroom . The purpose of the camera is the ability to display on the computers of students with visual impairments the board and the textbooks in magnification, adapted and accessible and convenient . The camera is worn on the computer , photographs the clipboard or the book , broadcasts live video throughout the lesson , and sets pictures at the end .

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Accessible Suite by Philosoft Mobile LtdSmartphone applications

Philosoft Mobile’s Ltd’s Accessible Suite has several products for both beginners and experienced users in the blind and visually impaired communities. Other products include customizations for companies developing new technologies and the Accessible Audio Library Player.


Solutions for beginners

Accessible Voice Dialer

After a minimal learning curve this application allows users to perform all daily tasks of a smartphone with their own voice. It’s detailed interactive voice menu is a must for older users or people with little technological experience. Furthermore, the advanced user may skip the menu system and complete a desired task through his own speech.

TalkBack Tutorial

Using a touch based device is not a simple task for the blind user. This application takes users step by step easing them through the process. With both recordings and an interactive user interface all that’s needed is a device and some patience.


Solutions for advanced users

Accessible Editor

The Accessible Editor is a text editor that was designed with text to speech in mind. Users can enter text with a built in voice recognition mechanism and review text by character, word, or sentence. It includes font scaling, high contrast, fixing mistakes through a spell checker, and options for saving or sharing text with any application. The accessible editor includes special features for working with a physical keyboard and provides a strong tool for the blind student that does not care for screen size.

Accessible SMS

Accessible SMS eases the task of sending and reviewing SMS for the blind and visually impaired. Using our own customized ‘Pick-To-Speak’ voice recognition system you may reply to an SMS just by picking up the phone and dictating the message. When the message is completed just say “send” and the message will be on it’s way. With scalable fonts and high contrast Accessible SMS is loaded with features that are part of most modern SMS applications.


Customized solutions

Philosoft Mobile Ltd works with companies worldwide to develop Accessible applications for new technologies. For more information please contact us.


Audio Library Player

If you are subscribed to one of the recorded libraries like the Braille Audio Reading Download (BARD), you may enjoy all their content through your smartphone. Highlights include saving a stopped position for each book, advanced search options, high contrast, social network connectivity, and various playback speeds. If your library is not included, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to establish connection with your library.