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The Accessible Editor is a text editor that was designed with text to speech in mind. Users can enter text with a built in voice recognition mechanism and review text by character, word, or sentence. It includes font scaling, high contrast, fixing mistakes through a spell checker, and options for saving or sharing text with any application. The accessible editor includes special features for working with a physical keyboard and provides a strong tool for the blind student that does not care for screen size.


Product philosophy

When it comes to using mobile devices the blind and visually impaired have an interesting advantage over others: Smartphones can be used as reliable tools for writing everything from emails to lectures because screens aren’t needed. For instance one of the ways Accessible editor caters directly to the needs of the blind and visually impaired community is the ability to use a keyboard, typing directly into phones.



Most functions are performed in one of three ways:
  1. Simple on screen gestures for easy access without a keyboard,
  2. Keyboard access for efficient and accurate results.
  3. “Onscreen” buttons for beginners still learning hand gestures.


Reading and navigation functions:

  • Read and navigate to the next or previous word or sentence.
  • Read current word or sentence.
  • Read current document (for multiple languages, languages switching on the fly).
  • Jump to beginning/end of document.
  • Use Preview mode to navigate a document safely without editing text.


User Interface Features:

  • High contrast, white text on a dark background (for low vision needs).
  • Adjust font size to fit your needs.
  • Hide/Show toolbar maximizes or minimizes editing  area.
  • Detailed help file.


Text Composition, importing/exporting functions

  • Enter text via voice, keyboard, or ‘OnScreen’ buttons.
  • Import/export text from any Android application that supports text sharing. For example, writing content in the editor and easily transferring it to SMS, Email, etc.
  • Save text as a text file and open it with editor.
  • Make Accessible Editor the default text editor.
  • Directly send SMS to a phone number. Includes dedicated send SMS buttons on the editor.
  • Copy or paste text to or from the editor using simple buttons (in addition to the regular talkback mechanism).
  • Spell checker.
  • Voice recognition mode or ‘Pick to Speak.’ Just pick up the phone to your mouth and speak your text.


Upcoming features

  1. Support for DOC and DOCX extensions.
  2. Search within text.
  3. Text formatting.
  4. Navigation by paragraph.
  5. Automatic spell checker for entire document.


Language support

Text can be entered in any language with ability to enable or disable the spell suggestions in order to use accented characters.

Currently the editor supports the following languages:

If you wish to contribute and translate the editor to your language please contact us.


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