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Accessible SMS

Accessible SMS eases the task of sending and reviewing SMS for the blind and visually impaired. Using our own customized ‘Pick-To-Speak’ voice recognition system you may reply to an SMS just by picking up the phone and dictating the message. When the message is completed just say “send” and the message will be on it’s way. With scalable fonts and high contrast Accessible SMS is loaded with features that are part of most modern SMS applications.


Product philosophy

While there are a lot of sophisticated applications for the blind and visually impaired those dealing with simple everyday tasks are some of the most important. Hence, the Accessible SMS. We give special emphasis to the accessibility needs which include labeling, button labeling, scalable fonts, high contrast and adding the functionality of the voice recognition. For voice recognition to function properly we implemented our ‘pick to speak’ mechanism, which is being used throughout the Accessible Suite. ‘Pick to speak’ allows a user to pick up the phone to the ear, speak a message, and when finished take it away.



  • ’Pick to speak’ mechanism: Pick up phone to ear, speak, and pull it away.
  • Pop up dialogue box for incoming messages. Configure Accessible SMS to open a popup window every time a new message is received. Reply by using ‘pick to speak.’
  • Scalable font size.
  • High contrast fonts, including black on white or white on black.
  • Confirmation for sent messages.
  • Notification for received messages, even during a call.
  • Edit or review function for incoming or outgoing messages in the accessible editor.


Upcoming features

  • Support for multiple recipients.
  • Customizable notification sound.
  • Customizable vibration pattern.


Language support

Text can be entered in any language with ability to enable or disable the spell suggestions in order to use accented characters.

Currently the editor supports the following languages:

If you wish to contribute and translate the editor to your language please contact us


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