About us

Philosoft was founded 8 years ago by Atty. Shmuel Naaman. Shmuel, who was already visually impaired, aspired to create a company that would incorporate the entire issue of accessibility for the visually impaired, with an emphasis on making technologies accessible. Technological developments in the modern world are advancing at a dizzying pace, but there are entire populations being left behind due to accessibility issues

The company's first project was an Android-based operating system that reads what is being displayed on the screen, just like the systems that visually impaired people have on stationary computers, thus also allowing them convenient, easy and fast use of smartphones. Apple later implemented this option in their cell phones and today the company is mainly concerned with making the state education system accessible to visually impaired students — but not only

The company's major projects include collaboration with the Library for the Blind to make all textbooks accessible to visually impaired students, development of a scientific calculator and making Oxford-based dictionary accessible and approved for Bagrut Exams by the Ministry of Education, and an integration system between the public bus driver and the visually impaired passenger, allowing the passenger to enter the right line at the right time

The company regularly receives government funding from the "Program for Encouraging Technological Developments for the Benefit of Populations with Special Needs in the Innovation Authority".
The company is constantly leading the world of the visually impaired forward, providing equal opportunity for all and reducing gaps.